is built for every brain.

We believe everyone should have the brain fitness science says is possible. Mindeo is a new kind of fitness center where brain health is the focus. No hard work, no exhaustion, no pain, no strain. Special equipment and health technology magnify the effect of a small amount of low-impact exercise, to accelerate the pathway to results.

Mood and

Support For:

  • Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Challenges with Depression

  • Low Energy and Fatigue

  • Insomnia and sleep disturbance

  • Attention and Focus Challenges

  • Overwhelm and exhaustion

  • Long-COVID related challenges

Support For:

  • Focus, productivity and performance

  • Executive function and decision making

  • Mental fatigue and burnout

  • Brain fog and perpetual stress

  • Stressful environments

  • Lack of sleep

  • Mental clarity and sharpness


Health and

Support For:

  • Maintaining healthy brain function

  • Optimally functioning memory

  • Chemo-brain and related challenges

  • Post-COVID brain fog and fatigue

  • Inflammaging and cognitive decline

  • Symptoms of dementia, Parkinson's, MS

  • TBI and Concussion related challenges

Learn about programs

Mindeo offers a range of programs to suit your needs. Explore your options and learn about how you can get support with the challenges that affect you the most.

Learn about NeuroRevive
Learn about Programs
Learn about Programs

Learn why clinicians love Mindeo

Hear from family nurse practitioner, Gillian Erlich, ARNP, DNP, and about how SynapFit sessions improve critical processes in the body and how that translates to improvements in neuroinflammation and quality of life.

Consistent results, regardless of age.

SynapFit™ is engineered to deliver results, based on decades of scientific research. We made sure that it worked outside of the research labs, using gold-standard measurement tools on a variety of case studies. Learn more about them in this short video.