Your Path to Better Brain Health.

It's time to take control of the inflammation in your brain.

Depression, anxiety, brain fog, migraines, poor memory, sleep issues, concussions, and long COVID all have brain inflammation in common.

Mindfire demystifies how inflammation plays a role in so many mental health and cognitive issues.

Xenia Kachur and Luke Starbuck draw on hundreds of scientific studies to present the most effective, proven, and science-backed strategies for improving brain health and mental well-being, reducing inflammation, and creating life-changing positive effects that can redefine your relationships and lived experience.

Discover leading-edge health technologies and innovations that can get you feeling better in weeks. Empower your supplement and pharmaceutical decisions with the latest scientific information. Uncover which alternative therapies are proven and live up to their hype. Mindfire introduces you to a set of tools that can drastically improve the health of your brain and transform your quality of life.

"This book sheds light on the missing piece in treating mental health illnesses: brain inflammation. Our field has focused almost exclusively on talk therapy and pharmaceuticals with not a lot to show for it. So many of us are left without effective treatment options and with no answers. Well, until now. Kachur expertly distills hundreds of scientific studies into an accessible guide, unveiling the surprising link between inflammation and mental well-being, and then provides tools to do something about it. It’s a must-read."

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Mindfire was inspired by author, Xenia Kachur's personal journey through recovery from a life-changing brain injury.